# Stack

The Stack represents a collection of tasks in a specific order, either manual or automatic based on sorting setting. A stack can also be called a "Task List" mostly when using the List View.

# Sorting Tasks

By default the tasks are manually sorted (by dragging and dropping in Board View and List View), but you can also enable automatic task sorting from the Stack menu:

  1. click on the menu button [] to open the Stack menu popup
  2. select a sorting type and direction under the Order tasks menu


By selecting the Manual [] drag-and-drop sorting will be re-enable

# Progress

This is a usefull visual feature to show the the average progress [%] of all tasks in the stack.

To enable this option:

  1. Open the Preferences
  2. Click on the Board tab under the Projects section
  3. Locate the Stacks section
  4. Switch on the Show stack progress option

# Tint

# Setting a task limit

# Collapsing a Stack

# Adding a Stack

# Deleting a Stack